At Selco, we strongly believe that quality is measured not only by a product’s efficacy, but also by its purity. Doctors and patients deserve more than just results from the products; they also deserve the comfort of knowing their supplements are formulated from high quality, contaminant free ingredients and are manufactured according to stringent guidelines. Achieving and maintaining the highest standard of quality within our product line is the very foundation of our company philosophy.

  • We have a very strict policy against Infiltration so our clients feels safe and secure with us and to ensure that infiltration will never happen to any of our clients
  • No Credit. This policy describes that we do business with no credits allowed. Full payment must be paid at the time of purchase. This policy helps to ensures uninterrupted availability of products to our clients.
  • All of our products are registered and every product has all of its legal documentation present. We provide only those products which are approved from the government for there efficacy and better quality
  • We provide products of well know companies only, which have made the repute of excellent product quality and efficacy in the market.
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