Before being incorporated into any Selco product, all raw materials are tested for identity and safety. Confirmation of identity and potency is estasblished using validated analytical methodology, including Near IR, HPLC, and organoleptic sources. Raw materials are also evaluated for safety and are analyzed for heavy metals, microbial contamination, and any additional potential contaminants that may be unique to that ingredient. Identity and safety are tested every lot.


Selco manufacturing facility conforms to the strictest requirements of GMP and employs systems and procedures of the highest standards to provide manufacturing, quality control, warehousing and physical distribution services to the company, medical profession and ultimate users.

The manufacturing plant is the most modern in the country. The company has consistently invested heavily in new technologies and state-of-the-art equipment, which has been instrumental in improving plant efficiencies and curtailing manufacturing costs. 

All Selco products have always been manufactured under strict current Good Manufacturing Practices (PIC/s GMP). These guidelines ensure that all production, from receipt of raw materials to final packaging, is conducted in accordance with established standard operating procedures (SOPs). Together, these stringent guidelines ensure that the products are made the same every time, through every production process, from beginning to end. These guidelines also encompass more than just product manufacturing – they cover every aspect from maintenance to housekeeping to security procedures.

Stringent adherence to PIC/s GMP and SOP protocols greatly minimizes the risk of an improperly labelled or impure product. Also as part of our PIC/s GMP compliance, we maintain extensive documentation of all steps in the manufacturing process. This allows us to be able to” trace our steps” should we ever have an inquiry regarding a product or procedure.

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